What is Thai Massage?

– It is an ancient natural therapy that may help to reduce some of your ailments.
– It has been practiced for over 2500 years.
– It is performed on mat or futon mattress.
– It works on the energy lines
– It focus on muscles, joints and even massage your stomach, head, fingers, toes and ears.
– It helps promotes circulation, health & Well-being.
– It involves yoga technique.
– It helps to increase muscular flexibility.
– It helps you to become stronger.
– It relaxes your entire body.


The Benefits Of Thai Massage

Thai massage has many benefits for the individual. It uses the gentle pressure on energy lines and the yoga-like stretching to relax the whole body on a deeper level. This deeper level of relaxation improves the individuals’ personal outlook, and their emotional status. Deep relaxation has been shown to promote a deeper, more restorative night’s sleep as well. This deeper sleep allows the body to heal itself physical, and let you feel more refreshed upon awakening.

What are energy lines?

– The invisible energy lines can not be verified anatomically and are perceived to circulate throughout the body to maintain health and vitality.
– There are said to be 72,000 lines. Thais believe 10 main lines that are sufficient to treat the whole body and its internal organs. – This is a non-religious or spiritual perspective and practice. – When this energy flow is blocked or restricted, it creates sickness or disease. To clear these blockages, Thai massage combines the application of pressure with manipulation, adjustment and muscle stretching in a full-body works, which improves overall health and well-being.


Benefits that Thai oil massage gives human body

A relaxation effect rises and the fragrance of oil is added during massage.  An effective ingredient of the infiltrates the body through the skin.  Furthermore, it promotes the blood circulation and smoothes off skin and lymph fluid flows smoothly.

Lymph fluid collects produced waste material and water from a cell and purifies it and drains it as urine outside of the body.  When this flow stagnates, it causes swelling and tiredness.
Of course oil massage takes tiredness from the muscle, in addition, it makes combustion of subcutaneous fat and improves the function of the internal organs.